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Taking a message of peace through the whole of Burnt Forest area (Photo:  FLTfilms)Taking a message of peace through the whole of Burnt Forest area (Photo: FLTfilms)

An African Answer depicts a dramatic bid by Pastor Wuye and Imam Ashafa - former militia leaders turned peace-makers from Nigeria - to bring reconciliation in Kenya’s Rift Valley Province, following communal killings. It is filmed in the district of Kenya worst hit by the post- election violence of early 2008, when around 1000 people were killed and tens of thousands were displaced from their homes and farms. Watch the trailer >>  

Thank you for your interest. This section contains information about the British launch of An African Answer. A series of events took place from 9 to 12 November, 2010.

The UK launch of An African Answer at the Royal Society of Arts, Manufacturing and Commerce (RSA) on 9 November >>

Special screening of An African Answer at the Institute for Development Studies (IDS) at Sussex University on 10 November >>

Nigerian peacemakers welcomed to Westminster parliament on 10 November >>

‘Iconic’ Nigerian peacemakers welcomed to Oxford college >>

Nigerian imam calls for ‘a hate-free, greed-free’ African continent >>

Please find below relevant background information, concerning the launch and photos.

  1. Press Release.

  1. The Launch Programme.

  1. The Kenyan Premiere of An African Answer in Nairobi.

  1. The story behind the film.

  1. Picture Gallery

  2. Biographies of those involved in the making of the film

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'This is a very important film. We need to learn, indeed, from Imam Ashafa and Pastor James and multiply in a thousand places their experiences of healing and reconciliation'. Kofi Annan, former Secretary-General of the United Nations

'An inspiring film capturing the ways in which African civil society organisations representing different faith communities are working together to support peace and security on the continent. Definitely one to watch!' Roy Trivedi, Head of Civil Society Department, UK Department for International Development (DFID)

'This film underlines the importance of dialogue in reconcilliation, in particular the importance of listening and seeking to understand. It is inspiring to see this process at work led by leaders from different faiths working together.' Vernon Ellis, Chair of the British Council

‘This film deals with real needs felt by ordinary people. It shows that there are solutions to what seem to be almost intractable conflicts. It can help people reject violence, it can foster reconciliation and healing, it can help people find answers.’ Dr Samuel Kobia, General Secretary, World Council of Churches

Download Francesca Holloway's review of An African Answer on The Times website (PDF)

You can watch a trailer of An African Answer on YouTube:

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