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The Change Enquiry - an alliance where organisations, individuals, businesses and entrepreneurs can join to collaborate, share information and experience—both to give and to receive in ways that empower oneself or others to develop a clear purpose to serve the whole. To enable a world in which all constituents feel themselves to be well-served.

Change - a short film to launch the Change Enquiry from Adam Woods on Vimeo.



The age of digital technology has dramatically changed our lives through a single phenomenon of commerce - the internet. The secret to a thriving business economy and a sustainable world is to recognise the time for fundamental change and to be part of that change.

I grew into an angry man. From 1956 I worked in the computer then the information industry. My first nine years was for various large companies. After a bit I knew I could not abide to spent my life working for them, although they were good companies. I experienced working for them as penal servitude. Their style was authoritative management. With the help of my last boss I went to the Harvard Business School and got an MBA. I needed access to capital to start my own business. My purpose had become to find out how to create a better kind of business.


Bela´s initiative

Bussinesmen, ordinary people, youth and so on, in the whole world should take note of what Bela is doing! More follow up is needed... Is it possible to get a copy for translating and dubbing it into Spanish and Portugues, to be used in Latin América? I am 87 years old, but I want to do whaever I can to follow up and spread Bela's initiative. Luis Puig - Brasil

You are going to go far with this.

This is the type of thing that can lift our sights of thousands of people in the world. This is how change happens. Please count with me to spread it and achieve its maximum impact. Thank you very much for making of my week a bigger inspiration thanks to this video. Fabi Benavente @fabibenavente

The Bela Initiative

I greatly appreciate the BELA Initiative's emphasis on long-term sustainability and not short-term profit, as well as the need to serve all the 'constituents', or stakeholders, in a balanced way. This also means the legacy that is passed on to future generations. The BELA Initiative can stand for:

Business Enquiry Leadership Action

or the E can mean:


And L can stand for Long-term!

Thank you for this initiative.

Mike Smith, UK


I certainly agree that unlimited growth is just not possible, and that in all fairness we in the west have got to learn to limit our appetites so that those in the developing world have a fairer slice of the pie. All the time you see decisions being made without due regard for the environment on the assumption that constant growth is the only way forward. The constant wrangling over where to build London's next big airport is an example. Few people question whether we actually need a new airport because we have been told that it is essential for Britain's long-term economic growth. But the environmental impact will be huge. So I am very encouraged by this initiative which, at root, is partly about what gives us human beings true satisfaction. This may seem a bit 'other worldly' but is impoverishing the world as we know it really a better alternative?

IofC in Brief

Who we are: Initiatives of Change (IofC) is a world-wide movement of people of diverse cultures and backgrounds, who are committed to the transformation of society through changes in human motives and behaviour, starting with their own.


Purpose: We work to inspire, equip and connect people to address world needs, starting with themselves, in the areas of trustbuilding, ethical leadership and sustainable living.

Omnia Marzouk, President, IofC International
'Nothing lasting can be built without a desire by people to live differently and exemplify the changes they want to see in society.'