Frank Buchman was a revolutionary thinker and leader whose trust-building, reconciliation and peace efforts have influenced the 20th century. His vision and legacy are a powerful answer to the growing mistrust, injustice & extremism facing the world today.  Today's world urgently needs positive role models - leaders devoted to the greater good of their communities and the world. Frank Buchman inspired many to address global challenges, yet his work remains largely unknown.

Over six years ago, a team of filmmakers began production of a documentary, which includes unique archival footage and firsthand testimonies of change through their contact with Buchman.

Now we are ready to share the film – The Man Who Built Peace.

This summer we will be launching the film at an event in London on June 7th at The Royal Geographical Society, followed by a tour around UK cities. After celebrated screenings at the Illuminate Film Festival and Caux Forum, and numerous awards, including Best Documentary at The Global Independent Film Awards 2018, we are bringing the film to wider audiences.

The film documents Buchman's unique peace-making approach of transforming society through personal change and reconciliation. It transcends culture, generations and countries, setting the viewer on a path towards a broader understanding.

We believe that global challenges can be overcome if people embrace visions and values which lead to racial reconciliation, economic inclusion, inter-generational & inter-faith understanding. When people change, nations change.

If you would like to know more about Frank Buchman's story, we welcome you to the London premiere on Thursday 7 June at the Royal Geographic Society.

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