Initiatives of Change emphasises the profound connection between the personal and global: when people and relationships change, so do situations. Many of the world’s problems – and their solutions – are rooted in human nature. Fear, hate, greed and indifference lead to injustice, poverty, conflict and environmental destruction. Yet it is also in human nature to be caring, courageous and creative. People can live the change they wish to see in others.

Initiatives of Change grew out of the work of Frank Buchman, who believed in helping each person to unlock their potential and find their calling in life, thereby affecting the world in unexpected ways.

With this in mind, we stress:

  • Inner reflection: listening to, and tapping into, the deep inner wisdom which many call the Spirit of God or conscience;
  • Commitment to the highest moral and spiritual values: a ‘reality check’ revealing the truth about ourselves and inspiring a humble search for deeper integrity and for greater unselfish purpose;
  • Forgiveness: letting go of hate, resentment, or self-loathing;
  • Purity of motive: finding freedom from indulgent habits and judgement of people (including ourselves); a process that can un-cloud our minds and open us to the potential in ourselves and others;
  • A transformed world: daring to imagine a world where the needs of humanity are met, and to discover our unique role in bringing about this vision.