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11 July, 2008
Peace Circle participants in Oxford

Peace Circle participants in Oxford

At our Peace Circle in Oxford (31 October to 5 December 2007) we were a group who had come together through a chain of links and friendships. We were all interested in peace, on many different levels. Between us we covered a wide range of backgrounds, ages and experience.

Peace Circle participants in Oxford

Peace Circle participants in Oxford

At the end we asked everyone if they would like to make a comment on their Peace Circle experience that we could pass on to others :

“It is refreshing to go outside your usual circle.”

“I was amazed how quickly we gelled into a group.”

“At first I thought the framework was rather rigid, but then I realised we were getting somewhere.”

“It was nice to meet other people. It brought up some painful memories, so was unsettling for a while afterwards.”

“I enjoyed listening to people’s stories. The group was quite middle class. I don’t know whether I can be peaceful. But it gave me lots of food for thought and a broader understanding of other people. It was thought provoking without asking too much of you.”

“I most learnt about listening to others. Last week I met a girl who seemed very upset and lonely, and I just listened to her, and I felt I helped her.”

“This is the first time since I have been in England I felt I could talk easily, with nobody judging me. I learnt to open my heart and talk without worrying about what people think of me.”

“It was respectful to tell our stories and then be silent. We had come from interconnecting circles, and it felt natural.”

“It was not as I expected. I was very touched by the storytelling. Superficially we are alike but in fact we are very different. The discussion subjects took us to places we didn’t expect. It has confirmed to me how much I would like to be useful to the world.”

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