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07 March, 2016

Refugees as Re-Builders

You are warmly invited to this foundation stage of Refugees as Re-Bbuilders.

Enrol now to take part in the Foundation Course for refugee communities and diaspora originating from the Horn of Africa.

The course will cover key skills for three inter-locking elements which are fundamental to nation-building:

  • Dialogue Facilitation
  • Ethical Governance
  • Sustainable Livelihood

Diaspora refugee groups are potential rebuilders of the war-torn countries from which they fled. This is evident in the case of Somalis who after 20 years of statelessness and warlord control of their country are now returning to rebuild their homes and communities. This is despite the challenges of personal security, corruption paralysing newly-formed institutions, and the determined bid of violent groups to destroy even as they rebuild. Those who return are carrying with them countless lessons from their observation of their host societies, which consciously or unconsciously inform their approach.

Initiatives of Change which aims to ‘inspire, equip and connect people to address world needs, starting with themselves’ has made a small contribution to this process, particularly focused on the Horn of Africa diaspora communities.

This new course brings together courses that have been piloted in the last two years and will consist of a Foundation course (6 x 1-day sessions from Saturday 24 April to 28 May 2016), an Intermediate course for those who wish to go deeper (Autumn 2016), and a Training of Trainers (Spring 2017).

Where: Initiatives of Change 24 Greencoat Place London SW1P 1RD

When: 10:00am - 4:00pm 24 April - 29 May

Enrol: Entry is free but places are limited to 30. A collection for the expenses of the evening will be taken.


Course coordinator: Dr Muna Ismail

Deadline for applications has been extended to 8 April 2016

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