Equipping refugees and diaspora communities

For 10 years Initiatives of Change through its Agenda for Reconciliation Programme has been providing training courses for Refugee and Diaspora communities originating in the Horn of Africa on conflict resolution, peacemaking, and reconciliation. More than 100 people directly or indirectly have received training through the workshops provided by these courses. 

Diaspora refugee groups are potential rebuilders of the war-torn countries from which they fled. Those who return are carrying with them countless lessons from their observation of their host societies, which consciously or unconsciously inform their approach. In April 2016 the new Refugees as Re-Builders™ Course was launched to cover key skills in three interlocking themes of:

1. Dialogue Facilitation for Social Cohesion

2. Ethical Governance

3. Sustainable livelihood

The three themes have been identified through successive consultation process with diaspora communities within the Agenda for Reconciliation Programme’s network. The linkages between these themes have been recognised to have long-term effects in the development outcome of countries in post-conflict era.  

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