‘Unmasked: corruption in the West’: new anti-corruption book launched in London

Laurence Cockcroft, one of the world’s leading campaigners against grand-scale corruption and co-founder of Transparency International, spoke on the theme of his new book 'Unmasked: corruption in the West', in the London centre of Initiatives of Change (IofC) on 4 April.

Today I am proud as an Indian

Dr A S Ravindra Rao

After the shame of high-level corruption around the Commonwealth Games in Delhi, the remarkable success of Gandhian anti-graft campaigner Anna Hazare means that Indians can once again be proud, writes Ravindra Rao.

After the G20 – More Work Still Needed to Curtail Shadow Economy

Portrait of Raymond Baker. He is a Senior Fellow at the Center for International Policy and a Guest Scholar at the Brookings Institution, both in Washington, D.C., researching and writing on the linkages between corruption, money laundering, and poverty. He is the Director of the Global Financial Integrity Program and the

Our analysis shows that $850 billion to $1 trillion a year of illicit money passes out of developing countries, through the shadow financial system, and into industrial countries. This is the most damaging economic condition hurting the global poor. G20 leaders need to refocus on changing the culture of opacity embodied in the global shadow financial system in order to curtail the flow of illicit money across borders. Several measures can achieve this end—automatic exchange of tax information, beneficial ownership, harmonizing predicate offenses, and country-by-country reporting.

Dealing with Extreme Capitalism and Unrestrained Greed

Brian Lightowler, Australia, portrait

Now in the wake of global financial crisis may be the time for business and political leaders, who have a passion for integrity, to take up the challenge of changing on a global scale the moral environment in which business is conducted.