From extremist to peacemaker

St Michael’s House, Coventry Cathedral, logo

Peter Riddell, a National Coordinator of Initiatives of Change, will be facilitating four Monday evening discussions drawing lessons from IofC documentary films about ‘extremists’ who became peacemakers, starting on 16 May.

Mercy, not mercilessness, is a value worth defending

La Belle Equipe

Edward Peters reflects on the recent events in Beirut and Paris. What resonates most deeply for him in the present crisis is the struggle between love and hate, between dignity and demonisation, between humility and arrogance, between responsibility and blame.

Stereotypes, reality and perspective

There is an Arabic saying: 'take my eyes so that you may see what I see'. In this photo-essay, Wadiaa Khoury, from Lebanon tells a story of a Beirut neighbourbood that suffered a bomb-blast in a political assassination. But the story ends in hope as Lebanese youth rally around to help rebuild.

More than just numbers

What is the worth of an individual life? In a world which sometimes seems obsessed with numbers and statistics, Lebanese peace activist Wadiaa Khoury finds inspiration in a film about mothers.

A Lebanese candle light

A decision to stay in Lebanon and work to build trust instead of travelling abroad during her holidays gave Wadiaa Khoury deep rewards.

Seeing Each Other in a Different Light

Marie Chaftari attended a Creators of Peace conference in 2001. Part of her inspiration for starting the Linaltaki movement with Lina Charafeddine came from that experience and the CoP Peace Circles currently being used in various parts of the world.

Dispelling Fear of the Other

Mary Hatton describes a unique series of exchanges between Britain and the Arab world.