Long way from Adi Ghehad

Teame Mebrahtu

An evening with Teame Mebrahtu and Stan Hazell, author of 'Long Way from Adi Ghehad: Journey of an asylum seeker'. Teame Mebrahtu was a prominent teacher trainer in Eritrea until he was forced to leave in the 1970s due to threats to his life. He was granted asylum in Britain. He became a senior academic at the Bristol Graduate School of Education and adviser to international students, many of whom are now leading educators in their own countries.

Refugees in Turkey

Dr Muna Ismail interviews Aysun Osveren, a Physiotherapist working with the Turkish Red Crescent Society on the conditions faced by Syrian refugees in Syria and the work she does in Mogadishu, Somalia.

World Refugee Day

Jean Paul Samputu

Migration and the refugee crisis continue to dominate the political agenda causing fear, populist rhetoric, hatred and division in our communities. A new and positive narrative is emerging to counteract the disunity, mistrust and conflict in our nation. Come and celebrate World Refugee Day with our inspirational panellist of speakers in a joint effort to respond creatively to the wider debate. Each one of us can play a part in changing the narrative.

Launch of new website to help educators of migrants and refugees

Catalina Quiroz, the initiator of the Erasmus+ project, introducing the curriculum

A new online resource for educators of refugees and migrants was launched in Turkey on Thursday 23 March. ‘Migrants and Refugees as Re-Builders’, is a curriculum that aims to inspire educators with new ideas, and training modules that they can use in their work. They will also be able to share training modules that they have found effective.

Voices of Migrants

Célia Demoor, a community peacebuilder and researcher, gave the first UK screening of Voices of Migrants at a Greencoat Forum on Monday 23 January.

Launch of new ‘Refugees as Re-builders’™ course

UK resident Hassan Hassan giving leadership training in Mogadishu

With the UNHCR agency revealing¹ that the number of people displaced by conflict has reached the highest recorded levels, Initiatives of Change has announced that it will be launching a free Refugees as Re-Builders™ course starting in April 2017.

Acknowledgement of Initiatives of Change on Commonwealth Education Hub

Migrants and refugees as rebuilders logo

Initiatives of Change in the UK is the lead coordinator in a new three-year Erasmus+ project that has been announced to improve the training of migrants and refugees through adult education. Migrants and Refugees as Re-Builders (KA2 Cross-borders Intercultural and Societal Entrepreneurs) is a partnership of organisations from the UK, Turkey, Sweden and Spain who are developing innovative training responses to support migrants and refugees from the Horn of Africa, the Middle East, Magreb and Latin America. The project is aimed at supporting adult educators of migrants and refugees in settling into their new communities, re-building their lives, and eventually contributing to the development of their home countries.

Voices of Migrants

Calais refugee camp

You are warmly invited to a Greencoat Forum on the evening of Monday 23 January 2017. The Voices of Migrants project consists of filmed testimonies from the refugee camp of Calais.

Migrants and Refugees as Re-Builders

Migrants and Refugees as Re-Builders

A new three-year Erasmus+ project has been announced to improve the training of migrants and refugees through adult education.

Refugee Crisis: Stories from the Frontline

Sakira Suzia

The unprecedented levels of migration across the Mediterranean since 2015 with the catastrophic death toll was one of key talking points at the Refugee Crisis forum in London. Stories from the Frontline held at Initiatives of Change headquarters on 31 October brought together senior political leaders, activists, volunteers and many other concerned parties who listened to the stories of how ordinary people have taken action to do the most extraordinary acts of bravery, courage and kindness in tackling this global crisis.