Encouraging trust and integrity in the economy


IofC-UK's business programme strengthens the motivations of care and moral commitment in economic life and thinking. The ‘Trust & Integrity in the Global Economy’ (TIGE) programme was established  following the global banking and economic crises of 2007-2008.

TIGE is an annual conference (international conferences have been held in Caux, Switzerland, since 2006), a movement and a global network of individuals and organisations practicing trust and integrity in public, corporate and private life. We enable economic stakeholders to explore a journey of personal, organizational and societal transformation towards human and planetary wellbeing. We connect and support new economic and business models and build relationships which enable such transformation.

Heart of TIGE statement

At the personal level this means:

  • Moral and ethical values; bringing honesty, purity of motive, unselfishness and love into decision-making;
  • ‘Intuitive intelligence’ as an essential tool of good business practice; the notion of the inspiration that comes from ‘conscience-based’ decision-making;
  • Honest conversations and listening, to build bridges of trust and collaboration;
  • The courage to do what is right and face what is wrong, eg through whistle-blowing.

At the organisational level this means:

  • Best practice through good governance;
  • Embedding a leadership culture based on moral integrity;
  • Encouraging environmental sustainability;
  • Caring for people, planet and profit.
TIGE Study Guide

TIGE UK has published an integrity-training Study Guide on Trust and Integrity in the Global Economy. It focusses on Five Pillars of Trust and Seven Cs of Trust and includes case study stories. The TIGE UK team are available to deliver workshops in business schools and organizations, based on this study guide. Previous workshop have been delivered to students at York St John University, Manchester Metropolitian University and to 500 MBA students in Pune, India. For further enquiries please email Mike Smith.

Values of the programme:

  • Integrity
  • Encouraging values-based leadership
  • Economic and social equity
  • Sustainability (business, social and economic systems operating within planetary boundaries)
  • People-oriented businesses which create wealth and meaningful employment for all

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