Trust building and reconciliation has been at the heart of Initiatives of Change for over 80 years. In the UK this work has focused on supporting the diaspora from the Horn of Africa, empowering women peace builders, inspiring forgiveness and creating a safe space for dialogue.

nda for Reconciliation Thursday meetings in Greencoat Place
Agenda for Reconciliation

A weekly meeting for people who have the capacity to draw together people from opposite poles in unhealed conflicts, where they can exchange experiences, information, plans and ideas, and receive encouragement, training and support.


Creators of Peace UK (please don't use without permission of Su Riddell)
Creators of Peace

A women’s initiative: transforming, empowering and engaging women in peace creation. Through listening and change we create peace in our own hearts, reach out to others, and tackle the needs of our communities.


Listening Roadshow
Listening Roadshow
Listening Roadshow

The Listening Roadshow is about listening to the needs, fears, dreams and visions of the local communities in line with the current UK climate. We aim to create a space where everyone is heard.