ZAHRA is a documentary film that depicts the passion and commitment of a single mother with four children; a refugee from Somalia, who overcomes obstacles to transform her life and make a difference in the community. She tackles alarming subjects such as female mutilation, tribal conflict and inter-generational differences.

Is it possible to bring about a resolution to conflict between groups and clans, campaigning on the global issue of female genital mutilation? This is a moving film that explores such issues, which affect social harmony… 

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Production team

John Parker Rees & Eric Trometer

Concept and Consultation:
Don De Silva

Owen Lean

Producer and Director:
Imad N. Karam


'ZAHRA is a powerful film showing a woman's journey to make a difference in society, starting with herself. The film also shows how discussion can play a key role in addressing and overcoming issues facing our communities and contains ideas that could be applied for wide benefit in all our situations and communities.'
Esther Ridsdale, founder, The Civil Society Forum

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