The Imam and the Pastor DVD cover
The Imam and the Pastor DVD cover
An award winning film that offers a message of hope - for the world from an unexpected quarter. It pulsates with the vibrant colours and music of West Africa.

The Imam and the Pastor depicts the astonishing reconciliation process between Imam Muhammad Ashafa and Pastor James Wuye. It shows their story of conflict and the peace-making initiatives which have flowed from their relationship. The film, narrated by Rageh Omaar, shows that it is possible for the perpetrators of inter-religious violence to become instigators of peace.  It is both a story of forgiveness and a case study of grass-root initiatives in community relations torn apart by conflict.


At a time when many in the world are wondering whether friendly relations are possible between those of Muslim and Christian faith, this film show us that it is possible.  In recent years, Nigeria has been rocked by ethnic and religious conflicts, with tens of thousands killed and whole communities devastated.

In the 1990s, Imam Ashafa and Pastor Wuye led opposing militias in Northern Nigeria. Now the two men work together bridging religious conflicts that have killed thousands. In recent decades, tens of thousands of Nigerians have been killed in communal clashes between Christians and Muslims. 'We formed a militia to protect our people', states Pastor Wuye. 'My hate for the Muslims then had no limits'. The victims of his militia included Imam Ashafa's spiritual leader and two cousins. The Imam spent three years planning revenge. Then one day, a sermon on forgiveness changed his life. The two men met and 'gradually the relationship began to grow'. They played a leading role in negotiating a historic peace accord. As Imam Ashafa explains, 'even though we differ in some theological issues, we will make the world a safer place'.

Now the two men are co-directors of the Muslim-Christian Interfaith Mediation Centre in their city, leading task-forces to resolve conflicts across Nigeria.

The Imam and the Pastor tells how they made this remarkable transition. It is both a moving story of forgiveness and a case-study of a successful grass-roots initiative to rebuild communities torn apart by conflict.

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Production team

Narrated by:
Rageh Omaar

Producer and Director:
Alan Channer

Executive Producer:
David Channer

Imad N. Karam

Ian Corcoran

Director of Photography:
Philip Carr


'Theirs is an inspiring story, full of hope... A model for Muslim-Christian relations.'  
Dr Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury

'Powerful and timely.'
Ambassador Aminu Wali, Nigerian Permanent Mission to the United Nations

'Beautifully shot, visually evocative... its content is never less than thought-provoking and carries potential lessons for us all.'
The Herald, Scotland

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