Beyond Forgiving

He ordered retaliatory massacres.  Her daughter was killed. This film depicts the journey of two South Africans trying to move beyond their pain towards forgiveness and healing.

Beyond Forgiving is a documentary film, which depicts the journey of two South Africans to bring healing and reconciliation to their country post-Apartheid. Ginn Fourie and Letlapa Mphalele form an unlikely pair: a black atheist man and a white Christian woman. One has suffered directly from actions of the other, but both have been victims - and risen beyond their pain. What brings them together is a profound story of tragedy, forgiveness and hope.

Ginn and Letlapa Meeting
Ginn and Letlapa Meeting
In 1993, during post Apartheid decades, Letlapa, then director of operations for the military wing of the Pan-Africanist Congress, ordered reprisal massacres in response to the killing of black school children. Ginn lost her only daughter in one of these. She later forgave Letlapa. In the film, he says this was like another window of life for him. 'Because for a long time, I had demonised the people I was fighting against but when people were reaching out and even agreeing to meet with me, it was like an opening of a world that was, until then, closed to me.'


Storytelling is part of the healing process... it is a catharsis.

Letlapa Mphalele



The film tells of the journey they undertook to help their country, which suffers from the world's highest crime level in this post-Apartheid phase. Through their work, they try to bring a new spirit of community and forgiveness, in their country and beyond.

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Beyond Forgiving DVD


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Director of Photography: Andrew Hinton
Edit Producer: Adam Woods

Running time:28 minutes