Front cover of An African Answer DVD
Front cover of An African Answer DVD
More than one thousand people were killed following disputed elections in Kenya at the end of 2007.  Imam Muhammad Ashafa and Pastor Jame Wuye - former militia leaders turned peace-makers from Nigeria - were invited to mediate in the worst-affected district.  This film depicts their dramatic bid to bring healing and reconciliation after death and destruction.

An African Answer, shot in Kenya, was premiered in Nairobi on 11 June 2010 in the Amani Room of the Serena Hotel in Nairobi. 'Amani' means peace in Swahili and the room acquired its name after Kenya's post-election violence in 2008. It was here that Kofi Annan brokered the National Peace Accord and the formation of Kenya's present coalition government.

The film had its UK public launch on 9 November 2010.

Production team

Narrated by:
Kathleen Openda-Mvati

Robinson Malemo & Tony Biwott

Imad N. Karam

Imad N. Karam

Alan Channer


'This is a very important film. We need to learn, indeed, from Imam Ashafa and Pastor James and multiply in a thousand places their experiences of healing and reconciliation.'
Kofi Annan, former Secretary-General of the United Nations. 

'Peace needs to be deepened. There are no permanent angels or permanent devils in any community. This film is a resource of best practice. It reflects the indomitable spirit of the Kenyan people.' 
Francis Kimemia, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Provincial Administration and Internal Security, Govt of Kenya

‘This film deals with real needs felt by ordinary people. It shows that there are solutions to what seem to be almost intractable conflicts. It can help people reject violence, it can foster reconciliation and healing, it can help people find answers.’
Rev Dr Sam Kobia, Special Envoy to Sudan for the All Africa Conference of Churches, former General Secretary of the World Council of Churches

‘This film shows the success of dialogue. It is a showcase of what can be done and what has been done.’
Professor Algahafur Elbusaidy, President of the Supreme Council of Kenyan Muslims

‘An African Answer is instructive. Pastor James and Imam Ashafa are untiring examples of the potential for reconciliation and the depth of resources that faith traditions can bring. 
Katherine Marshall in The Washington Post

An African Answer:
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An African Answer also comes in a double DVD set with the documentary film The Imam and the Pastor.
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