Ashley MullerAshley Muller currently works in project development and communications for Initiatives of Change. She is a facilitator and coordinator for Creators of Peace UK, communications officer for Just Governance for Human Security, the programme coordinator for ethical leadership programmes in Oxford, UK for students and young professionals. Ashley has sat on several panels, internationally, dealing with Cross-Cultural Communication and Intercultural Behaviour. She is interested in government relations between Asia and the West and is passionate about speaking out against injustice, people finding vision for their lives, and inspiring social change through awareness of individual responsibility. Ashley is a Swiss-Canadian, raised in Taiwan, living in the UK and speaks Mandarin Chinese; she has a BA in Political Science & another BA in International Relations from the University of Calgary in Canada.

Ashley was first introduced to Initiatives of Change during an internship through the University of Calgary in January 2014. She has since remained involved on a volunteer basis, until July 2015, when she joined the Interns Leadership Programme in Caux, Switzerland. During Ashley’s time there, she was exposed to the Caux conferences; in her role in the Conference Operations department she saw conferences work from behind the scenes. In September 2015, Ashley moved to Oxford, UK to work full-time with Initiatives of Change on different projects in the UK and other regions.

As a Canadian abroad, Ashley misses maple syrup, watching hockey, and skiing in the snow covered Rocky Mountains. However, her deep love for travelling and adventure keeps her grounded as she hops around the world learning about new cultures and meeting new people.