Jodie Marshall
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15 May, 2018

Once a year our staff, volunteers and supporters come together to take part in a yearly fundraising challenge. It has proved such a great way to get everyone working together and building relationships amongst our teams and supporters that we decided to make it bigger and better for 2018. 

Instead of just one day dedicated to fundraising, we will be dedicating a full month. During the whole of June, we are asking you to join us in our yearly fundraising challenge. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world or what you are doing, we think this is something you will all want to get involved in!

Join us in June to be part of our Bake-athon! That’s right, we want you to bake, eat cake, drink tea and share our work with your friends, family and colleagues. Don’t worry if you can’t bake, there are plenty of cakes and biscuits on those supermarket shelves waiting to be bought for this challenge. 

We want you to choose one or more days in the month of June and to organise tea and cake afternoons/evenings at your home, in your garden or at a local community centre. Use the time to share about our work and why you are so passionate to support us. Share your stories and experiences with others. Perhaps you visited our conference centre in Caux and it changed your life, or maybe you have volunteered for us and the experience supported you to get a job in international peace building. Or are you just a supporter that donates to our cause and loves what we do? Share this! 

If you happen to be good in the kitchen, why not create a sponsored bake-athon. Wher you do it alone or with friends, you could ask people to sponsor you to make a certain number of biscuits or cakes, and then give them out to family, friends, neighbours or even the homeless.

Make your bake-athon as small or as large as you like, we don’t mind. Just get involved! You can set up a fundraising Justgiving page to help you collect money. You can find our Bake-athon event under the events section when you set up your page. 

Remember to use our resources to help you collect any money. You can find these here

Happy fundraising!