Our Philosophy


Win – Win – Win 

Everything we do has an impact beyond the bottom line. Next to profit, people and the planet are equally important for organisations. We believe that financial success can only be achieved long term if organisations concentrate on the human aspect as well as on the responsibility for future generations.  

Collaboration is Key  

We respect diversity and care about each other. For us, a significant depth of “connectedness” creates the right team spirit as a basis for extraordinary performances. We stand up for equality and create environments where different perspectives are equally valued, accepted and listened to.  

Consciousness as a Leadership Advantage 

Increased speed, uncertainty and change puts additional pressure on today’s leaders on a personal level. We believe that a deep spiritual and philosophical understanding helps reduce complexity, clarify purpose.  

Walking the Talk 

IofC adheres to high ethical standards and trust building is one of our key guiding principles. In every interaction with others we are committed to fully show up at our best so that we earn trust and create a safe space. We believe that we can’t support others to change if we don’t know how to change ourselves.  

Silent Reflection  

Slowing down, listening to and reconnecting with our inner selves and values is IofC’s way to raise awareness, leading to a deeper knowing. Reflection in silence is a tool for self-assessment and provides access to creativity in order to take values-driven action.

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