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10 November, 2014

Tireless supporter of good causes who was devoted to her work at Govan charity. This obituary was published in the Scotsman on 6 November, 2014.


Cathy Graham, Duchess of MontrosePhil Davison wrote the attached obituary for the paper, and tells of her work alongside a former teenage alcoholic, Govanite May Nicholson, once described as 'the Mother Teresa of Govan'. 'They started with a kettle, a toaster and loaves of bread brought by the Duchess from her mansion. They later had the backing of another Govanite, Sir Alex Ferguson, who as a boy (and amateur football player for Queen’s Park FC) once delivered milk on Aboukir Street where the Preshal Trust is now based. Sir Alex is appeal patron of the trust and May Nicholson continues to help suffering Glaswegians survive.'

You can download the full article here.

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