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Creators of Peace UK empowers women to be radical peace-builders, starting in their own lives and communities.  Peace is more than the absence of conflict: it involves the struggle for a world where everyone has food, shelter, opportunities and respect. We believe that ‘peace starts with me’ and that an individual can be a powerful agent for positive change in society once she has begun building peace in herself, her family and her community.


Creators of Peace UK aims to:

  • Prevent violence and despair by addressing the roots of conflict – the internal ones within us and the external ones around us.
  • Promote a change of heart and attitude as a primary tool of peace creation, raising awareness of the personal ethical pre-requisites for effective social action.
  • Build bridges of forgiveness and friendship across racial, religious and social divides.
  • Build just, caring and inclusive communities.
  • Value diversity, open to all women everywhere.
  • Seek constructive partnerships with men and the restoration of the respect and trust necessary for joint action, whilst remaining a women’s initiative.
  • Create a solidarity network for women engaged in peace building here in the UK and around the world.

Creators of Peace UK is part of Creators of Peace International, a programme of Initiatives of Change. Launched in 1991, Creators of Peace now operates globally through conferences, community building activities, workshops, and personal encounters.

Living Peace

Over the past 25 years, since Creators of Peace was launched and the Creators of Peace Circle methodology developed in 2003, women across the world have found new resilience and healing through personal transformation, inner listening and applied, practical, localised peace creating, as the route to a global peace.

To celebrate these 25 years we drew together a representative cross section of these women from over 40 countries where Creators of Peace has an active presence, at the Living Peaceconference, 4 - 10 August in Caux, Switzerland.



Living Peace: International Caux Conference 2016

4 - 10 August 2016: Celebrating 25 years of Creators of Peace

The Living Peace: Celebrating 25 years of Creating Peace Caux conference has now concluded. Visit Flickr to view photos of the event. Read the concluding account of the Living Peace conference here 'Living Peace: telling a new story'.



Please watch this space for the official 2016 Living Peace conference report. For more information follow us on Twitter @creatingpeaceuk, or Facebook or email for more information on how to get involved.


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