Paul Gutteridge
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10 April, 2020

For most of the country, this Easter will be unlike any we have ever experienced. The physical will be replaced by the virtual for those who would attend a Church and time shared with wider family and friends impacted by the lockdown. 


The Easter period, in the Christian calendar, marks the death, resurrection, and ascension of Christ. Whether we are 'believers' or not I believe we can find inspiration for lives committed to 'remaking the world' - one step at a time.


No pain, no gain

In the Easter story, there comes a point where Jesus is faced with a decision. He has a vision but there is something he must cross to get to the other side. To face the 'cross' he must first yield, give of himself. We read in the gospel account that the inner wrestle was so deep that he sweated blood. It was going to cost him everything before the resurrection life was experienced by all people. These themes of sacrifice before liberation flow through all faith traditions and provide solace, courage, and commitment in the darkest hours.


Jesus gives of himself, faces the cross and the Easter Sunday celebration of the Christian faith, celebrates the victory of a new life. 


What will we be channels for?

In a recent email, I received from Barbara Guilbride. 


She writes, I met 'Moral ReArmament' (MRA) when I was 17 and almost immediately was one of the first women ever to be called up for service with the armed forces (as a VAD Red Cross nurse with the army). Those of us in MRA had decided together that whatever happened or wherever we were, we would try to be channels for the simple but profound message God had given to Frank Buchman, namely:


“When men and women listen,

God speaks;

When men  and women obey, God acts;

When men and women change, nations change.”


The special emphasis is on helping people who crossed our path to listen and be led by that inner voice.'


Inherent in the Easter message is the fact that when we listen to the voice of God, we may have to wrestle within ourselves to a place of yielded obedience. Why would we do that? - because we have a vision of a world remade...we live for something beyond ourselves - whatever happens, and wherever we are.