Initiatives of Change works for good governance at every level, through promoting a leadership culture based on moral integrity, compassion and selfless service. The following initiatives help new and existing leaders to develop this culture.


Business Programme

IofC-UK's business programme aims to transform the mind-set in the business world and the economy by anchoring spirit, values and social engagement into organisations.  We aspire to enhance people’s experience at work and within society, fostering collaboration, integration and equal partnership.


New Leadership and Accompaniment (NLA)

New Leadership and Accompaniment develops the leadership capacity of different generations of changemakers, accompanying them in faith as they negotiate challenges in working, community and home life. It also runs programmes for senior leaders in public life, and connects them across often divisive boundaries over home-based ‘radical’ hospitality. The strand is led by Krish Raval OBE and Denny Braggins. One of their offerings is School for Changemakers.


School for Changemakers

School for Changemakers or SfCM, has for 9 years been IofC-UK’s flagship leadership programme for young people. In 2020, it will commemorate its 10th Anniversary. 


It comprises of an initial three to five-day summer residential course for a selected cohort of between 30 to 50 participants. This is then followed by an offering for its network of 500 alumni which includes special events held at IofC UK’s UK headquarters, and smaller meetings and collaborations on a range of social justice projects across the country.