Paul Gutteridge
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13 December, 2019

It's the morning after the night before and my inbox presents post-election messages from celebration to desperation. There is a common denominator - they are friends and colleagues who work in humanitarian jobs - my 'tribe'. Truth be told, the same reaction happened after the Brexit referendum result a few years ago. In general, we get along, do the work and live in the tension of difference with the occasional heated discussion.

Ultimately, what holds us together is something bigger than our recent election results. We have a shared vision of trust and cohesion in our communities that transcends the results.

We are a country waking up to a new political landscape with big implications. As the early rush of celebration and desperation subsides, how will we move together with so much difference? I suggest that it's by seeking to get above the politics and personalities, focussing on something that transcends, by having honest conversations. Experience teaches me that talk is not cheap, it has consequences when mixed with action. It may seem intellectually simple but emotionally hard.

How about we create multiple spaces, forums and meeting places that are safe enough to have that quality conversation? At meal tables, meeting places and in the media etc.

I believe we owe it to each other and this country to build trust one step at a time.

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