Tuesday, March 19, 2013 - 18:30 to 21:00

Forgiveness: A Moral Minefield 

Forgiveness divides public opinion down the middle.  Some see it as an immensely noble and humbling response to atrocity. But for others it is a betrayal which releases the aggressor and even encourages further violence. What is your perspective?

Marina Cantacuzino
Marina Cantacuzino
Marina Cantacuzino, founder of The Forgiveness Project, will lead this Forum illustrating the experiences of people actively engaged in forgiveness and reconciliation. 

Forgiveness is a very personal initiative but is also vital in a global context.  In countries where there is conflict, there is often a cycle of vengeance that perpetuates violence, pain and suffering over generations. How can this vicious cycle be broken?

Profound change, compassion and understanding are a process that takes time. How do we foster this process? Evidence shows that inviting people to share their different perspectives creates change.

The forum will explore the link between personal forgiveness and the journey to healing a wider society.

The evening will include a clip from the film Wounded Healers, which is currently under production at Initiatives of Change.  During Apartheid, Letlapa Mphahlele, then the commander of the military wing of the Pan Africanist Congress, ordered a retaliatory massacre of white citizens in Cape Town and Ginn Fourie’s daughter was killed.  Ginn forgave Letlapa.

Marina Cantacuzino’s background is in journalism. In 2003, during the lead up to the Iraq War, she began collecting personal stories of atrocity and terrorism which revealed the horrifying dogma of vengeance. These stories led to her founding  The Forgiveness Project, which explores forgiveness and reconciliation through individual stories, and promotes alternatives to violence and revenge.   http://theforgivenessproject.com

Tuesday 19 March 2013
Refreshments from 6:30 p.m.; talk at 7:00 p.m.; end at 9:00 p.m.

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