IofC Erasmus+ associates with Edventure peers visiting SHARE, a Library of Things in Frome (Photo Owen Evans)
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28 November, 2018

November 2018: Adult educators from Somalia, Eritrea and Peru-Spain, linked to the Erasmus+ project Migrants and Refugees as ReBuilders, organised a field trip to Frome, Somerset, to study community enterprises set up by a local organisation, Edventure.

IofC Erasmus+ associates and Edventure peer at the Community Fridge in Frome

The group were interested in how they could create their own versions of ‘Frome's Fridge’ (a community fridge to halt food poverty) and the ‘Library of Things’ (a ‘share shop’ which loans household items for nominal sums while reducing waste) within their own UK communities as well as in their countries/capital cities of origin (such as Mogadishu).  
Both projects were developed by students who had taken courses with Edventure.
Catalina Quiroz, Peruvian and Spanish and Erasmus+ project coordinator said ‘As a group, we initially met while delivering a course called ‘Facilitating re-conciliation in post-conflict zones’. Within this Erasmus+ project we share key and valuable information to co-design innovative educational resources for adult educators working with migrants and refugees towards meaningful engagement and inclusion in their host communities and countries of origin. The training resources aim to be experiential and practical: one of the reasons to organise this field visit trip.’

SHARE the Library of Things in Frome
Neil Oliver, Chair of the Board at Edventure, and Johannes Moeller, Director of Edventure offered advice on setting up a share shop. As Neil pointed out, ‘the challenge is whether the concept will transfer to very different communities and cultures. The consensus amongst the group was that a share shop and the community fridge would add greatly to communities that have experienced a great deal of conflict.’
Lajeel Abdirahman, a Somali social entrepreneur, project manager of Ameb Mother & Child Care organisation, was visibly impressed by the Share - Library of Things affirming that ‘this is something what we can do in our communities.’

IofC Erasmus+ associates with Edventure peers visiting SHARE

Fessahaye Gebregiorgis, board member of Eritrean Educational Publishing Trust,  emphasised the importance of making a clear process when creating any community project: ‘It would not be easy to start Share or Community Fridge in Eritrea due to the difficult political situation and where even a continuous supply of electricity is not available. However, he believed that it is something we could explore in our host communities where these ideas could have a positive effect on the mental well-being of our youth.
The Erasmus+ project aims to enhance adult educators’ teaching skills and experience for innovative ways for engagement and inclusion of migrants and refugees within their host communities and countries of origin. The Erasmus+ partnership has co-designed a curriculum handbook and competences self-assessment framework for adult educators which can be downloaded for free.


More information of the project

Picture by Owen Evans

Text by Owen Evans and Catalina Quiroz

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