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30 March, 2020

Around the world, women and girls are hardest hit by the impacts of inequality.  In times of crisis, women show leadership.

The impact of the current crisis, Covid-19, will unfortunately land disproportionately on women. Women will be hit hard as they make up the majority of care-givers, whether that be elderly parents, disabled relatives and children as they take on a number of roles.

A unique feature of powerful, strong women is about learning and overcoming adversity.

At Initiatives of Change UK we were honoured to host an event for International Women’s Day at our London Centre three weeks ago (the last event before we closed the doors to protect the wellbeing of our staff and visitors). Guest speakers Sandra Crathern, Sarah Hailey and Roberta Pagliarulo shared their personal stories of overcoming adversity. Amongst friends guests celebrated the energy, resilience, and experience of women's resilience the world over.

Watch this video which captures the spirit of the event and includes amazing women of IofC's Refugees as Rebuilders programme. Women of diaspora making exceptional contributions to UK society and across the world leading others to inspire social change.

Photography by Yee-Liu Williams