Assorted links to our partners and like-minded organizations, people and movements.

Initiatives of Change connects with many organizations and networks, sometimes in formal partnerships, sometimes just by association through working for the same goals or on joint projects. Though recognizing the value of their various approaches, Initiatives of Change is not responsible for the content of these external websites.

IofC International

IofC programme websites

Action for Life
Caux conference centre, Switzerland
Caux Forum for Human Security
Caux Initiatives for Business
Caux Scholars Program
Creators of Peace
Farmers Dialogue
Foundations for Freedom
Hope in the Cities
Renewal Arts

IofC - related programmes

Programmes which have grown out of, or been inspired by Initiative of Change. Though independent, they often work in close partnership with IofC.

Caux Round Table
IC Centre for Governance (India)
International Communications Forum

Other links

FLTfilms - For the Love of Tomorrow
For A Change Magazine (no longer published)
Frank Buchman: A Life (Biography of MRA Founder)
Global Express (no longer published)
'Like a Cork out of a Bottle' - talks and reflections by Brian Boobbyer
Michael Henderson
John Munro