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08 October, 2012

(Photo: Sasha Shymina)
(Photo: Sasha Shymina)
Ten women gathered at Greencoat Place over a weekend in July to experience their first peace circle. For some it fulfilled a long-standing desire to take part, for others it was a new idea and invitation. We came from different backgrounds - Turkey, India, Sri Lanka, Guyana, Russia, UK - all Londoners either working, studying, looking after family or volunteering. With just two days together, we connected quickly over coffees grabbed on the way from the tube, cupcakes made to raise money for a charity trip and our discussions about what makes for peace. With a wealth of experience to share, we were able to offer perspectives to each other's situations whilst listening to each others' stories with respect and appreciation. We met again later in the summer to talk about what we had learnt and to agree actions that we would each pursue in applying the Creators of Peace approach at personal, community and project levels.

Kate Monkhouse


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