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13 August, 2009

The BBC news website has a feature article on the 75 young Muslims from across Europe who are participating in a conference on the theme 'Learning to be peacemakers' at the Initiatives of Change conference centre in Caux, Switzerland.

The article quotes Peter Riddell, one of the organizers: 'We're faced with a need to redefine what it means to be European. In many ways you could say that European culture has defined itself in opposition to Islam. So now the challenge is, whether we're going to embrace a European culture which includes a substantial component of Muslims, or whether we're going to reject that.'


The article also quotes one of the speakers, Muslim scholar Shaykh Ibrahim Mogra, saying that Muslims are 'duty bound to make sure that peace prevails on this planet'.

The BBC article followed a radio report on Radio 4's PM programme (click here for more).

The report was also picked up and repeated on the website of the Muslim Association of Britain, the Positive Muslim News blog and the Load Islam Forums.

Read the original BBC report here.

The programme for young Muslims is the result of collaboration between four NGOs in Britain, Switzerland and Sweden: Communities in Action Enterprises, CAUX-Initiatives of Change, Sensus and Ibn Rushd.

As well as spending time discussing issues specific to the Muslim communities, the participants also joined 150 of other faith traditions and none, in the fourth 'Tools for change' conference, which aim to equip participants with the skills and attitudes to be effective change makers. To read a report of the opening of the Tools for Change conference click here.

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