Tuesday, November 13, 2018 - 18:30 to 21:00

You are invited to come and hear an intergenerational perspective of many faiths as the speakers share their personal experiences with the forces that unite and divide us through our faiths and our humanity. We will explore how this unity responds to the global crises of today and how our faiths help to respond to volatile times.  
This event will give young and older people the opportunity to represent their faiths, celebrate diversity, and share our common humanity in various ways—there will be music, poetry, food, and much more. It will highlight the fantastic work done by local interfaith groups, which enable interaction and  sharing between people of different faith backgrounds across the UK.
Rabbi Debbie Young-Sommers - Jewish, Rabbi to the movement for Reform Judaism, community educator and broadcaster
Sakira Suzia - Muslim, Police Constable for Islington London Metropolitan Police and community activist
Faith Rose - Christian, youth community activist and inspirational poet
Anish Unadkat - Buddhist, community activist, Currency Trader
Avneeta Rekhi - Sikh, Ambassador from City Sikhs, Pharmaceutical Project Manager
Fernando Nirmal - Research scholar on Buddhism and Christianity, Multifaith Chapel and Library at the Burngreave Ashram Sheffield

Poetry by Faith Rose; piano by Joseph Nicolson-Porter.

The event is co-organized by Initiatives of Change UK and ICERAS.

Venue: The Initiatives of Change Centre,
24 Greencoat Place, Victoria,
London SW1P 1RD

Tel: 020 7798 6000

Refreshments from 6:30pm, main event 7:00pm, ending 9:00pm.

Register: Tickets are also available (free of charge) on Eventbrite. You can also register at 020 7798 6000 or london.reception@iofc.org

Entry is free but space is limited to 100. A collection for the expenses of the evening will be taken.

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