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30 November, 2015

My thoughts on Paris

As a Parisian, we knew that our security and intelligence services were anxious of possible attacks, because of French involvement in Syria et Sahel. Until something happened, we could not have thought it would be so tragic that it would affect people around the world. We wonder what will be the consequences on our society that have been traumatized by these events. I hope it will force us to more unity and a deeper concern for what needs to change in our society and world wide.

The wave of migrants coming to Europe and these terrible attacks bring us in a new reality of one world that needs our care. Those who commit such violence must be condemned with big firmness. The ideology of violence and breaking away needs to be fought against. We must nevertheless think of the roots that generate such violence. In Trappes, a city on south west of Paris Suburb, we are told that 20 young people have gone to Syria joining Daesh. There are needs we must find an answer to. The feelings of injustice that inhabits many of our young people, the need to feel respected in their dignity, the need to feel heard in their frustrations, the need to be morally structured in their minds, the need to have a satisfactory aim for their like, the need to have a job and to feel useful to the society. We must meet all these needs an learn how to create a society where we have an intensive care for one another in a mutual respect and esteem.

Frédéric Chavanne

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