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17 October, 2013

No More Bullets

No More Bullets by Elsa Vogel
No More Bullets by Elsa Vogel
A new booklet tells the story of Elsa Vogel, 88, born illegitimate in France, who survived being machine-gunned at 18 in Paris, and was full of hate for the Germans.

She met two young women and asked them: 'I have a faith, I go to church and I pray regularly. What is it that you have – and I don’t?'

'I was introduced to the discovery of taking time in silence, listening to the inner it God or conscience.' Then her life changed: reconciliation became a deep reality, and she was led to work in South America, where she met and married Laurie Vogel. They toiled in the docks and favelas and among the leaders in government to bring change in that great country for 40 years.

She ends: 'There has been a fil conducteura silver thread, which has led me through the labyrinth, held by a powerful hand from somewhere above who cares deeply for us all.'

Price: £2 plus p&p

Email here for further information or tel: +44 (20) 7798 6000.

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