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20 January, 2011

An obituary of the Aberdeen local government politician George Whyte, for many years associated with MRA, is published today in The Scotsman, Edinburgh. It is the paper's lead obituary.

Written by Finlay Moir, the obituary says that Whyte, who died on 31 December aged 81, was the Labour Party agent for Donald Dewar when he was first elected to the Westminster parliament for the Aberdeen South constituency. Dewar went on to become the First Minister of Scotland in Scotland's new devolved government.

Finlay writes that Whyte was 'of the view that anything that was morally wrong could never be politically right. For over 50 years he tried to live out his Christian faith in his private and public life. In this he was strengthened through his long association with the Moral Re-Armament movement.' 

'Sensitive to the needs of the poor of every nation', Whyte initiated the 'twinning' of the city of Aberdeen with Zimbabwe's second city, Bulawayo. School choirs from Bulawayo visited Aberdeen as part of the exchanges between the two cities.

He also initiated and helped to host a conference of the media ethics think-tank the International Communications Forum in Aberdeen which made a considerable impact on the city.



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