Bela photoI grew into an angry man.

From 1956 I worked in the computer then the information industry. My first nine years was for various large companies.

After a bit I knew I could not abide to spent my life working for them, although they were good companies. I experienced working for them as penal servitude. Their style was authoritative management.

With the help of my last boss I went to the Harvard Business School and got an MBA. I needed access to capital to start my own business. My purpose had become to find out how to create a better kind of business.

My wife and I started to meditate daily forty years ago.

I became a living enquiry into how to serve myself and all my constituents. I call them constituents because they put me in life and they voted for me by choosing to be associated with me. They were myself, my wife and family, my investors, people that chose to work with me as colleagues, employees, or customers; and of course this wonderful old earth of ours, and nature which put me in being and sustains me.

In 1968 I started a company serving the sugar industry in Mexico. When I returned to Mexico many years later each of the young programmers working with me were managing their own businesses.

I started companies serving libraries and the information industries in the USA and later in the UK. I learned how to build companies that were 'living enquiries', an ecology in which all constituents (stakeholders) experience themselves to be well served.

We listen assiduously, we enquire, we learn all the time!
We endlessly improve.
We are agile, as in a dance, responding appropriately according to what shows up.

We are making the world into a better place in a multitude of ways. We are growing real value all the time and creating ever more resources to effectively grow our counter initiative, which will inevitably displace the decay that capitalism is in danger of becoming.

We invite you to join us in this counter initiative to create conscious business, conscious capitalism, a conscious society; starting with ourselves....conscious individuals!

14 November 2013