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10 December, 2015

Charles DanguyA Muslim mother wrote: 'These attackers, they seem to forget we also are French and we stand with all our fellow French citizens against the same front, as well as in our Arabic countries. As a Muslim myself, my suffering is doubled and some time it is silent...Doubled because as a French person I suffer, and because these attackers act in the name of my religion.'

I am thinking of the Lebanese people who carry with courage and dignity the tensions and attempts on their soil since many years; of the Russian people who are still mourning the 224 people killed in the plane crash and also of those populations in Africa suffering from Boko Haram. And now the Tunisians.

I find it hard to write what goes on in my heart. Such a situation requires firmness as well as an honest look at our society. Where have we gone wrong if so many young French have to go to Syria to find a purpose in life and a decent or meaningful place? There will be a before and an after13 November 2015.

Charles Danguy lives in Lorraine in the area known as the three borders area (France, Luxembourg and Germany). Since the mid 1960s, as an observer for the movement Initiatives of Change, he has regularly attended the European Parliament sessions, mostly in Strasbourg, in order to create honest and private dialogues between the electors and the elected for better mutual understanding.


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