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03 February, 2011

Two Peace Circles in Scotland, and two more to come!

Shared food, Sydney
Shared food, Sydney
The more diverse the group, the wider the understanding of 'Peace'! So with participants aged from early 20s to 70s, from the Baltic and Portugal, from Sri Lanka and North India, from Palestine and the UK, Hindu, Christian, Jewish and Muslim, we learnt to listen to each other's pains and struggles, hopes and joys. And as we ate our way through two lots of six weeks, we became great friends, and hope to continue meeting to share the friendship and to learn more skills relevant to peace making in our communities. Times of silence, where we can search for inspiration, and for God's will, were practised, and gave a new sense of peace in individual lives.

Three from the first Circle chose to become facilitators, one intending to start Circles in Portugal, and the other two facilitating the second Circle. We hope to have a further training weekend in Scotland in a few months time, with more 'graduate' facilitators, and the hope of many more Circles.

We intend to develop Circles spreading West from Edinburgh across Central Scotland, and East from Glasgow, hopefully putting a new spirit into the central belt of Scotland!

Monica Spooner

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