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07 November, 2008

Poster, 'The Imam and the Pastor'
Poster, 'The Imam and the Pastor'
On the initiative of those from the minority communities a ‘People’s Day’ was held, for the first time ever, in the Hove Town Hall on 5 October. The aim was to show some of the things which go on in the city about which many are totally unaware. Some of these were cultural, some religious, some commercial and some charitable. Forty stalls displayed goods and information to show the life of the city.

There were performances of different kinds of music indicating the places where people now living in the city had originated. And there were food stalls selling many delicious foods and snacks consumed by a cross section of those represented.

Short films were shown throughout the day in the City Council Meeting Chamber, depicting aspects of the work going on. Among these was a showing by the Brighton & Hove Interfaith Contact Group (IFCG) of the film The Imam and the Pastor. Made by FLTfilms on behalf of Initiatives of Change (IofC), it tells the dramatic story of the reconciliation between two former rival militia leaders in northern Nigeria.

Tariq Jung, Chairman of the IFCG, and David Young from IofC, who is an executive member of the IFCG, introduced the film and answered questions afterwards. The Racial Harassment Officer for the city, Ms Nahida Shaikh, was the facilitator for the film showing. The whole day was a practical example of how faith communities can make a positive contribution to local life.

David Young

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