I have worked with IofC since 1974, focussing mainly on how a common commitment to IofC's values can be the basis for trust-building between those of Muslim and other faith traditions. This has mainly been through

  • exchanges of young people between Britain and the Arab countries which has taken me to a number of Arab countries in North Africa and the Levant (www.bax.org.uk)
  • as Secretary of the annual Agenda for Reconciliation conferences in Caux during the 1990s
  • convening the weekly Agenda for Reconciliation meeting in London
  • the charity Somali Initiative for Dialogue and Democracy which works for 'the reconciliation and integration of Somali refugees' and the longer term aim of 'enabling skilled Somalis in the diaspora to return to Somalia and contribute to national reconstruction'
  • a programme with Imam Ajmal Masroor for Young European Muslims on the theme 'Learning to be a peace-maker' in Caux in 2008 and 2009

Four wonderful years in France and other franco-phone countries in the early '80s, as musical director of a play about St Francis of Assisi, gave me an understanding of the world from another perspective and contacts with the francophone Arab countries. One of those in the same theatre company was a young Cornish woman, Su Richards, who subsequently graciously agreed to marry me. We live in Oxford, at the Oxford IofC centre, with our teenage children, Gracie (now more often to be found at St Andrews University) and Francis.