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03 May, 2012

Not just one evening of magic
Not just one evening of magic
We would like to say a special thanks for all the encouragement and support you gave us as we put on last month’s fundraiser for the School for Change Makers (SfCM). The money raised has totalled more than £800 and we’re so grateful.

The Alumni spent the weekend of 31 March putting on an event that involved working in teams, cooking for each other, serving and being served.

We wanted to put on this event for a few reasons

  • To thank the IofC network for supporting us
  • To communicate the change and inspiration SfCM has begun in us
  • What fun times: hearing from the Alumni
    What fun times: hearing from the Alumni
    To raise funds so that students who can’t afford our summer programme can afford it.

We would like to say a special thank you to the members of the IofC network for their support in helping us to run the event, for attending and donating and for offering positive reviews!

With over 70 people attending we had a range of ages, cultures and backgrounds with many young people turning up, and showing interest in coming to SfCM 2012!

What your money will support
What your money will support
We’re launching a SendOneSponsorOne fundraising initiative in which businesses can partner with SfCM.

The Alumni from the past two years of School for Changemakers put on last month’s fundraising event with enthusiasm and an explosion of talent. They provided the performances, service and communicated how SfCM had impacted their lives.The finale saw a reading of the following poem written by Shaila Sharif, a 2011 Alumna from Birmingham who wrote about SfCM.

I am the change

Rhetoric? Nay, opportunity aplenty
They say carpe diem: seize the day,
I say persterno via: pave the way.
School for Change Makers
Future leaders, risk takers
Gather together in a place of Hope.

The reading of Shaila Sharif's poem
The reading of Shaila Sharif's poem
A haven, nurturing potential
Representatives from various nations
Each with incredible credentials
Seeking new adventures, vocations.

Air charged with excitement, electricity
Vacuum sealed with the promise of possibility
A look, a word, a conversation
Expand the mind, challenge I.
Re-shape me, myself to selfless I
I can. We will.
I am the change.
We are the change.
This is the beginning - Shaila Sharif

Many friends from the IofC network who could not make the evening sent their best wishes and regrets. For them and those who would like a reminder we’ve done our best to capture the evening in the following video of the event!

Photos by Paul Briggs

Please download the full report in the attached newsletter.

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