Through a varied programme of activities and learning, SfCM serves its participants so that they may harness their energy and ideas. In this way, it assists them in making a real difference to the world whilst supporting their lifestyles and career choices in an increasingly competitive and demanding employment market. 


SfCM is partly skills based, partly reflective, partly discursive, partly inter-cultural, heavily convivial, inspirational, focussed on sound principles of youth work and always rooted in the spiritual experience of IofC. Its ‘curriculum’ consists of early morning Quiet Times, inspirational plenaries with guest speakers, community groups, elective training tracks, an evening social programme and late night activities which can include dance, games and drama. Character studies of Frank Buchman and Irene Laure, and the involvement of external experts are cornerstones of the course. 


2020 will be SfCM’s 10th Anniversary, and to commemorate SfCM will be held at IofC India’s conference centre, Asia Plateau, in Panchgani. There will be a 7-day programme, held from 3-9 January 2020 for between 30 to 50 people, most of whom will be alumni of existing IofC or related programmes in the region and the UK.  


SfCM 10 


Process and Approach 


Participants are challenged to examine the concept of vocation and their role in the world as well as the personal, professional and spiritual dimensions of change. This is done through a series of workshops, times of reflection, plenary sessions and community work. 


Each day will commence with a full gathering of course members, who will be addressed by one or more individuals who have a powerful story to tell of how they have been able to effect change in a significant area such as: 

  • the world of business;  

  • social entrepreneurism;  

  • through politics or political action;  

  • in the context of environmental issues;  

  • in community action;  

  • within the field of education, or 

  • by discovering their own identity and calling in the world.  


These sessions will be inspirational, motivating participants and assuring them of the possibilities for real change. 


Participants can expect to:  


  • Develop the skills and self-awareness to be effective leaders at work, home and in the community 


  • Take insight and inspiration from experienced leaders who are leading complex change – in many different ways - at work and in society 


  • Learn from and develop friendships with other participants from diverse backgrounds, interests and experience. 


  • Explore next steps in life in an empowering space 


  • Connect personal values and priorities with the needs of communities, country and world 


  • Network with peers and leaders with a track-record of leading social change 


  • Receive opportunities for further experience e.g. international internships, education, more training, etc. 


As a result, it is envisaged that participants will gain by having: 


  • Increased character and confidence to respond to challenges in their personal, professional and community lives 


  • Help in making decisions about next steps 


  • An increased ability to deal with diversity, community cohesion and exclusion 


  • An enhanced capacity to engage in international contexts 


  • Access to intern schemes and volunteering opportunities 


  • An increased likelihood of gaining post-graduation employment or work experience 




Asia Plateau, the Initiatives of Change centre in Panchgani, Maharashtra marked it’s 50th anniversary in 2018. Aimed at providing a space for introspection and dialogue, at Asia Plateau you will be ensconced in the protected biodiversity hot spot of the Western Ghats, surrounded by the Krishna Valley on one side and the Table Land, Asia’s second largest Plateau, on the other. 


Your closest international airport is Chatrapati Shivaji Airport, Mumbai and it is a 5-hour taxi/bus ride from the airport. A smaller airport, which also services a few international flights is Pune Lohegaon Airport which is 2 hours away by Taxi. 






Asia Plateau 

Panchgani 412 805 

Maharashtra India 




The fee for the entire programme is £250 GBP which covers the cost of food and accommodation. Should finances be a hindrance for your attendance, please do get in touch with the secretariat to see if there are scholarships you can avail. 


Participants will be required to arrive in time for the Welcome gathering at 4pm on the 3rd of January with the last session ending before lunch at 1230pm on the 9th of January. Should you want to arrive earlier or leave later please contact the secretariat for costs and availability. 


There are Travel Bursaries available for: 


SfCM UK alumni 


 You can apply for these when you register for the programme. 



To apply to attend SfCM 10th anniversary in India please fill out the following form.