When Genevieve Boast found that stock was going missing at the company where she worked, she faced a difficult decision.

I fell into a job at a logistics company in Sheffield, where I was at university. Within a year, at the age of 21, I was running a team of 17 people. My team was responsible for all of the stock that belonged to our customer, the biggest satellite television network in the UK.

About a year into this I started to discover that where it was saying on the system we should have lots of boxes of satellite dishes, there were just big gaping empty holes. So I started asking questions. I was told by the warehouse, ‘Oh it’s just a system problem, don’t look at it.’ But it was my job to look at it. So, I started asking questions higher up.

Over a couple of months, I found that the company had lost, stolen, misappropriated about £1 million worth of our customer’s stock.  I knew what the right thing to do was but I agonized over it for about three days. On the morning of the fourth day I called my friend at our customer, and said, ‘I’ve got something to tell you.’ And I did. There was silence at the end of the phone. Then he said, ‘Wow, Gen, thank you so much. I’ll try and protect you.’ And I was thinking, ‘Thanks… but you’re not going to be able to protect me.’ I’d been asking questions for months. Everybody knew it had to be me.

My life at work became a living hell. I thought, ‘Okay, so now I’m faced with another decision.’ I called up my friend at our customer and I said, ‘Look, mate, I’m going. I can’t stand this any more.’ He said, ‘Don’t move, someone will call you back in half an hour.’

In half an hour the newly appointed Head of Supply Chain at the customer rang me. He said, ‘Gen, I’m so impressed with what you did, I want to create a job for you with us.’

The positive ripples of that decision spread wider and wider – and I ended up marrying the person who had given me that first job. I cannot believe the magic that has happened in my life as a result of that one decision to stay in integrity.

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