Facilitate life choices

Positive change in community life often starts through individuals who decide to make a difference in society or their community. Events and interactive workshops are held to enable people to find direction in life and contribute to sustainable and just communities.

Enable staying power

Individuals or groups engaged with community work often struggle to cope with the stresses and demands of community engagement, in terms of financial burdens or motivational ‘burn out’. The programme provides advice, continual support, encouragement and assistance to individuals and NGOs as they work towards sustaining their commitment to positive action.

Building & restoring relationships

Promising initiatives are too often destroyed by rivalries and corruption. Case studies exemplify ways by which the most fractured relationships can be healed through empathy, understanding each other, restitution and forgiveness. The programme uses traditional and social media networks to promote positive community interaction, links and initiatives.

Connect the dots

The programme connects the dots between individuals and organisations working towards positive change within communities by building effective working relationships between concerned organisations, charities, local authorities, youth groups and faith groups.

People, of all age groups, races, ethnicity, nationality, gender, religion or sexual orientation are encouraged to be part of a globally sustainable community. This process extends to positive initiatives across the world. The Sustainable Communities Programme establishes links between UK and international initiatives of change.  Representatives from counties worldwide are invited to share experiences with UK networks.