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After the Riots Forum Briefing cover
After the Riots Forum Briefing cover
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Music For Cities 2013
Some 200 people attended the second Music for Cities event, organized by the community initiative, United Estates of Wythenshawe in Manchester. They experienced a unique collaborative event, marked by spontaneous interactions between the bands and the audience.


Mind in Harrow's Somali Hayaan Project
A unique attempt to provide help for refugees affected by mental health issues is gaining ground in Harrow, in North-West London. ‘Mind’, Britain’s foremost institution for handling mental health issues, have evaluated the project as “innovative”, “revolutionary” and “inspiring”.


Sustainable Communities presents: Prison by Charlie Ryder
‘In 1995 I was sent to prison for a crime I did commit.’ This was the opening sequence of Charlie Ryder’s play at a Prison Week Event in the London Centre of Initiatives of Change on 20 November, followed by a talkback panel discussion on restorative justice. 


After the Riots Forum – February 2012
How best to understand and respond to the recent riots in England has been the cause of much debate and concern both with decision-makers and the media. The Forum considered what can be done to reverse the trends that cause such unrest and led to a breakdown in 'civil behaviour'.


Zahra is a new documentary that tells of the passion and commitment of a single mother with four children, a refugee from Somalia, who overcomes obstacles to transform her life and make a difference in the community. Tackling crucial issues that affect social harmony, breaking down communication barriers between the old and the young, resolving conflicts between groups and clans, and campaigning on the global issue of female genital mutilation.


'A Spark that Changed a Community'
What brought together a community from St Anne's, Nottingham on a day in July 2012 to hold hands in silence in a circle? This short film follows the personal journey of Richard Hawthorne MBE, from his first moment of inspiration to the impact that has had on a community. What is your inspiration and what impact can that have?


Speaking Up For Women In Prisons 
Initiatives of Change Sustainable Communities Programme and arts charity STRETCH present the true voices of female inmates and their life experiences. The event featured the special story of Carlotta Allum, founding director of STRETCH, an organisation whose aim is to re-engage marginalised groups and increase life choices through cultural activity.