We should not let violence beget violence

As we progressively see images of extremism, violence and revenge in the UK, on our television sets, in our newspapers and on our news feed, Jodie Marshall, a National Coordinator with Initiatives of Change (IofC) UK, reflects on the action she can take as an individual and possible actions those of us within our network in the UK and internationally might take.

The power to make a change

Davina Patel

When I first heard Donald Trump was voted as the president-elect of the United States, I had the same feeling as I had when the news of Brexit broke. I was angry. The anger then turned to sadness. America, like Britain is divided.

Initiatives of Change in London hosts migration conference

Immigration conference speakers

‘The Middle East migration crisis – genesis and response’ was the theme of a four-day conference in London hosted by Initiatives of Change and the Next Century Foundation. The conference brought together leaders from the Middle East and Afghanistan, together with refugees, academics, journalists, and religious leaders.

Reasons for Hope in Challenging Times - Some Muslim perspectives

Sakira Suzia

In March 2016, we had a Greencoat Forum with Dr Omnia Marzouk, President of Initiative of Change International with a panel of Muslim leaders and community workers, who spoke about what gives them hope for a successful multicultural and multifaith society.

Extremism and the global economy

Mike Smith

Tackling the root causes of extremism of all kinds should be the number one priority of Initiatives of Change worldwide, says a recommendation from its International Council. Mike Smith reflects on this in relation to the global economy.

Only a ‘better idea’ can cure the symptoms of extremism

It is easier, and more comfortable, to dismiss extremist views and if necessary to use force to eliminate those who hold them. This may sometimes be necessary, but it is no long-term answer.