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17 October, 2013

Beyond Forgiving screened in Newbury

NEWBURY - 15 September 2013:  Beyond Forgiving was screened at St George's Centre.  The diverse audience of 60 people of various Christian denominations, Muslim, Buddhist, Quaker and atheist, engaged deeply with the human experience of forgiveness portrayed in the film. Howard Grace, the Executive Producer of the film, answered questions and facilitated the discussion.

The Experience of Forgiveness

A number of issues were explored in the discussion, such as 'Who do you most identify with - Ginn or Letlapa?'

A few thoughts: 'Although Letlapa didn't say sorry, he said he was responsible.' A Buddhist observed that Ginn was tapping into a deeper level than we normally operate in.  A Christian minister said: 'My wife is Ginn and I am Letlapa!' 

One person questioned whether it is right to apologise for things you haven't done but are just part of the history of your country. A former Christian leader who had felt the same, but later changed his understanding and apologised, on behalf of his church, in the Caribbean for the slave trade talked about a decisive moment for him. A black friend had said, 'You just don't get it. When you enter a room, it isn't you. It is white history coming into the room.' We observed that in the film Ginn was most moved when acknowledging the wrong behind her people's history. 

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