The Challenge of Human Security

John Bond

John Bond writes about the growing global recognition that security is not just a matter of armies and alliances, and describes the work of the Caux Forum for Human Security in this article, first published on the Oxford Human Rights Hub.

‘Healing Wounded Memories’ – talk by Peter Riddell to United Nations Association in Oxford

Peter Riddell

Peter Riddell spoke on the theme ‘Healing Wounded Memories’ at a meeting of the Oxford City branch of the United Nations Association on 15 May 2012. The focus of the talk was on how wounded memories may be healed, illustrating it with the reconciliation process between English and Irish of which he has had personal experience, and the contribution of Irène Laure to post-war Franco-German reconciliation, which he believes is a foundational example for this kind of work.

Finding ways to share the world's resources

Luc Gnacadja, Christa Lane Hooper, Firyal Mohamed, Rishabh Khanna at IofC booth.

Jennifer Helgeson is an American currently working as a researcher at the London School of Economics Grantham Centre for Climate Change and is co-director of the Environment & Economy group – part of IofC’s Caux Forum for Human Security. She reports on her time in Durban.

Remembering 9/11

Chris Breitenberg

Memories shape our worldview – and the way we remember shapes our future. Chris Breitenberg remembers September 11 2001.

Osama bin Laden is dead; but terrorism isn’t

Mike Brown

Osama bin Laden is dead; but terrorism isn’t. The evil of prophets of hatred who justify the killing of thousands of innocents must be confronted - but also cured, writes Mike Brown.