Courage calls to courage everywhere

Creators of Peace UK hosted a visit from Iman Al Ghafari and Ola Al Darwish who run Creators of Peace Circles in Damascus, Syria sharing inspiration of how women are supporting one another in the midst of war.

Sustainable Communities - 'Together we can change the community.'

On 9 May 2018 representatives of numerous organisations gathered together at Initiatives of Change as part of the Sustainable Communities, Take 1 Step and Light Project.

From Conflict to Reconciliation - Stories of Hope from the Middle East

On 10 May we welcomed a small group of Lebanese and Syrian grassroots peacemakers to Initaitives of Change’s London base, Greencoat Place, as part of their visit to the UK.

Terrorist attack survivor fights extremism with peace

Bjørn Ihler (right) is introduced by Forum host Mike Smith

'Breivik is just a man. I wanted to face him. I wanted to understand him as a human being not just a violent extremist,' Bjørn Ihler, a survivor of the Anders Breivik terrorist attack of 2011, told a captivated audience at the Initiatives of Change centre in London on 1 November.

Oasis Evenings - Oxford

Spring into Life: time to pause, time to breathe, time to pray, with Mary Lean in Oxford

Oasis Evenings - Oxford

Living in the Light: time to pause, time to breathe, time to pray, with Mary Lean in Oxford

Oasis Evenings - Oxford

Oasis evenings in Oxford

A season of letting go, with Mary Lean in Oxford

It is often challenging to deal with a conflict!

It is often challenging to deal with a conflict, and even harder to have more than one to deal with. Elina Sarkisian is an Armenian descendent born in Syria and currently living in Toronto, Canada.

Waging total peace

Howard Grace

Howard Grace believes we should take a unilateral stand for goodness. This article first appeared in the UK national Quaker weekly The Friend on 9 November 2012

Different beliefs, common tasks, Oxford

Peter Riddell and Howard Grace will share experiences and reflections on two strands of work in which they are involved: Learning to be a Peacemaker programme for young European Muslims; and the use of the film The Imam and the Pastor in prisons and schools.