Five facts from 80 years

This year marks 80 years since Initiatives of Change began operating in the UK, originally under the name of Moral Re-Armament (MRA). During this time the organisation has delivered work aligned to its values of absolute love, purity, unselfishness and honesty, all the while linking together personal change with global change. Here are a few key highlights from IofC’s work in the UK.

The EU vision – Back to basics

Howard Grace 2004

As we approach the EU referendum, most of the discussion focuses on what would benefit the UK. But what would be best for Europe, or the wider world? Howard Grace considers a European perspective.

Three Faiths Forum - A Reflection on the Theme ‘Reconciliation’

Gerald Henderson

This reflection was given by Gerald Henderson at a Christian, Muslim, Jewish - Three Faiths Forum in Liverpool

Liverpool, Slavery Remembrance and the Reconciliation Triangle

Liverpool Lord Mayor Paul Clark and Richmond Vice Mayor Delores McQuinn

The city of Liverpool hosted a series of events simultaneously in the last two weeks of August - the 800th Anniversary of its charter, Slavery Remembrance Day, the opening of its new International Slavery Museum and the 200th Anniversary of the Abolition of the Atlantic Slave Trade.