Stories of Hope from the Middle East - House of Commons event

This will be an opportunity to hear from a small group of grassroots peace-makers from Lebanon and Syria who are associated with the international Initiatives of Change movement. They represent two networks which are working for peace through people finding new perspectives and a change of heart.

From Conflict to Reconciliation ‘Stories of Hope from the Middle East’

You are warmly invited to a Trust Talk with peacemakers from Lebanon and Syria. Come hear personal stories telling the tales of working for peace through finding new perspectives and a change of heart.

The Balfour Declaration history and legacy

European responsibilities then and now. A discussion with Dr William Mathew, Dr Mark Zeitoun, Ms Amina Khalid and Cllr Michael Desmond. Chaired by Dr Jayne Gifford, Lecturer in Modern History, School of History (UEA).

The Sykes-Picot legacy in the Middle East, University of East Anglia

Still from the film The Logic of the Birds by Sarah Beddington - Image courtesy of the Library of Congress

2016 marks the centenary of the Sykes-Picot agreement between the UK and France, in which the two colonial powers split the Middle East among themselves to establish their respective spheres of influence. The consequences of this agreement are visible until this day, and contribute to ongoing conflicts in the region, with ISIS proclaiming 'the end of Sykes-Picot' upon the creation of their 'caliphate' across the border between Iraq and Syria in 2014.

Mercy, not mercilessness, is a value worth defending

La Belle Equipe

Edward Peters reflects on the recent events in Beirut and Paris. What resonates most deeply for him in the present crisis is the struggle between love and hate, between dignity and demonisation, between humility and arrogance, between responsibility and blame.

The role of Britain in Palestine?

What has been the historic role of Britain that has led to the present day tragic situation in Israel/Palestine? This was the theme engaged with by a very mixed group of over 70 people as part of the Thatcham Festival. The mayors of both Thatcham and Newbury were present and both spoke very appreciatively at the end of the evening.

Do not withdraw from the community

Zeke Reich

It was through stepping out of his comfort zone and encountering people with very different political and cultural perspectives that Zeke Reich discovered a richer sense of his own identity.

Shared vision for the Arab region reached at consultation

Arab Consultation

Twenty five people gathered in Beirut, Lebanon to take part in the first consultation of representatives of Initiatives of Change Arab teams. The meeting, which took place 8-10 March, included representatives from Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria and Tunisia as well as Arabs living in France and the UK.

Open letter to President Obama

President Obama's speech on the Middle East has plenty of empathy for both Israel and Palestine, but something more is needed to engage both sides, writes Zeke Reich from New York.

Can non-violence break out in the Middle East?

Rajmohan Gandhi

'The Soviet Union crumbled, apartheid in South Africa crumbled. So too will crumble the occupation of Palestine, as also the threat to Israel’s peaceful existence – but not without intelligent statesmanship which transcends hatreds and fear, and turns the searchlight onto our own motives.' Rajmohan Gandhi asks whether non-violence yet provide a third way between Israel and Palestine?